At age 63 I wanted to be stronger, safer and more comfortable while hiking, gardening, bicycling and the after-glow of all that. Patti is a great teacher, always fully present with me ~ she observes, listens, guides, and meets me at my own level of skill. Never boring, always a bright and interesting workout, each session is anticipated with a good deal of curiosity (how many positions can she think up for me to do push-ups!?)

We always have fun, and my daily life is more fun too, because after working with Patti for just a few weeks, I’m much more confident and comfortable in my activities. I recommend Patti as a very effective trainer if you want to enjoy the journey to improved health.

~ Nancy G.

Patti has made working out so much fun! I never dreamed a 52 year old woman could have muscles where she’d never seen them before!! I have never felt better physically or emotionally. Osteoporosis and arthritis run in my family and with Patti’s personalized instruction I’m doing everything I can to stay fit and healthy. I look forward to my workouts and all the laughs we share. I refer all of my friends and family that want to look and feel their best to visit Patti. She has changed my life and will change yours too. An investment in yourself today will pay huge dividends tomorrow. Thanks Patti!!! You are the best!! Warmly,

~ Nancy R.

I enlisted Patti to help me get back in shape after having a baby. So far, I’ve lost 20 pounds and eight inches, and she’s helped me boost my energy level to keep up with my now 17-month-old toddler. I love that Patti has helped me put together an exercise routine that relies on easily accessible equipment that can be used at home — bands, balls, hand weights, even hula hoops — all on my own schedule. Living healthfully takes commitment and a combination of diet, exercise, and self-care. I have to do my part, but working out with Patti is like icing on the cake. And, as we all know, the icing is always the best part!

~ Kristi

I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed working with Patti as my personal fitness trainer. I worked with her for about three months and enjoyed every minute of it. She was very professional, informative and creative in developing an exercise routine for me. In addition, she did it with a smile, and I always looked forward to my class with her at the end of the day, even though I knew she would work my tail off! I have continued to incorporate what I learned from her into my own routine at home and am very appreciative for all that she taught me. She also often provided extra information to take home, such as interesting articles about nutrition and exercise. I would also like to add that I had a unique situation in that I have an artificial hip joint, and Patti spent extra time in adapting my exercise routine so that I would not injure it during my program. Patti is a wonderful fitness trainer, and I hope to stay in touch with her in the future.

~ Jody

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Patti and have her as our trainer. She had such an impact on getting Pollie and I both back on track with our exercise regime and, especially, for me in my healing process post-cancer. We wish her and her family all the best, and are confident that she will continue to positively impact and shape others’ lives.

~ Steve & Pollie

I could never stick to an exercise program before. Now, not only am I sticking with it, I actually look forward to my workouts. Patti is always coming up with unique and challenging routines to help keep my sessions interesting and FUN!

~ Mandy

I learned more from Patti after only two sessions than I have from all the other personal trainers I’ve had put together. Her passion to instruct as well as educate has helped me manage my weight and improve my self esteem.

~ Mikaila

A year ago my doctor recommended I start an exercise program to help relieve some of my pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. Patti understood my limitations and capabilities, and was able to create a program for me that was safe, fun, and effective. I can’t tell you how much my exercise program has helped me cope with my disease and has improved my overall health.

~ Kevin

I am finally able to distinguish my butt from my thighs. How cool is that!!

~ Rhonda

Working with Patti at a Personal View has been so much more than strength training. I have learned lots of ways to incorporate more healthy choices into my busy life. I’ve lost weight. My blood pressure is down, and I’m down 3 sizes in my jeans! Patti makes working out fun, as well as educational. I look forward, enthusiastically, to my sessions.

~ Candace